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Prayer Letter for May 18

May 16, 2023
By Moms In Prayer

Dear Parents, House-Parents and Staff:  

Blessed are those whose help is the GOD of Jacob, whose help is in the LORD their GOD. He is the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them – he remains faithful forever. 

Psalm 146:5-6 TPT

But joyful are those who have the GOD of Israel as their helper, whose hope is in the LORD their God. He made heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them. He keeps every promise forever.

Psalm 146:5-6 NLT

Who can believe that this is the end of the academic year? When was it that we had our opening chapel? Wasn’t that just a couple of weeks ago? The LORD has brought us through it all and we stand victorious today, declaring “How faithful is our GOD”.

At the end of the last academic year when the leadership of this great assignment was handed to me I was terrified to say the least. I tried to wriggle out of it but I couldn’t. It was clear to me that I was to take on the assignment and thus the journey for my growth and total dependence on GOD began.

Was it a smooth journey? No. Through it all I learnt to hear from the LORD. There were times I didn’t get what to share until the very last minute and initially I would panic but as He showed me that as long as I looked to Him, HE would give me what to share, I panicked less. The messages spoke first to me and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to grow in my walk with Him.

Sometimes the enemy whispered to me that no one was reading and the messages were not impacting lives! Then I would say to him I was being impacted and even if I was the only beneficiary then it was worthwhile. After a while he stopped bugging me. Lol. I pray that the messages achieved all that the LORD sent them out to.

As we “graduate” from this community (yes, we) and as I look back I am filled with so many emotions. I am reminded of when we took the step of faith as led by the LORD to come and be part of this family of GOD (I thought we were crazy). Now we can testify of the faithfulness of GOD, we can tell the story of how dependable He is. At every bump on the road He showed up! He kept His word and we are graduating. Are you at a bump in your journey through Hillcrest? Is it looking totally bleak? Look up to the one who is faithful!!!

Have a GREAT summer!

Our God. Our Rock. Psalm 18:2


Ulan Jatau – Meeting Leader: 0803-701-2992




  • Praise to our GOD who is faithful, the one who is reliable, unwavering, steadfast and dependable


  • Confess our sins and ask the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness


  • For His faithfulness, we have come to the end of the academic year
  • For being our ROCK and OUR GOD
  • For wonderful Sports and Academic Awards
  • For a successful Farewell to Departing Staff
  • For a successful Staff Appreciation Lunch
  • For a successful, delightful Elementary concert and Art show
  • For relative peace in the Plateau and Nigeria
  • For God’s provision


  • Pray that our children will desire to know the LORD on a personal level
  • Pray for the upcoming MS & HS Exams Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
  • Pray for the upcoming Baccalaureate and Graduation
  • Pray for all the teachers and staff that the LORD renew their strength over the summer break
  • Pray for wisdom and God’s guidance for the administration
  • Pray for our alumni that they would represent GOD wherever they are
  • Pray for the Moms In Prayer ministry, that the LORD will uphold it
  • Pray for our naira to gain strength against the dollar
  • Pray for peace in our land and the world at large
  • God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven