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Educating Global Disciples of Christ.


Based on our Christian missionary roots, our vision is to be strategically used by God as a quality international Christian school, educating global disciples of Christ in all facets of society, and increasingly living out our Core Values.


As a diverse Christian community, which loves God and others, we respect and recognize everyone as an important part of the Hillcrest family. We encourage this community through prayer, grace, communication, cooperation, and shared experiences.
  • Hillcrest Student Expectations in Community: Like Barnabas, Mary and Martha, Hillcrest students will be active in service, using their gifts and working collaboratively in their family, school, church and local communities. “I work with others!


Founded by Christian missionaries, Hillcrest continues to emphasize the Great Commission of making disciples. We invest in lives as a witness to Christ’s love and our personal relationship with him.
  • Hillcrest Student Expectations in Discipleship: Like Paul and Naomi, Hillcrest students will demonstrate growth in faith, and display Christian love to others. “I follow Jesus!


We maintain a continuous pursuit of excellence in education by working hard to accomplish goals, preserve standards, practice stewardship, nurture lifelong learning, and achieve quality outcomes in all areas.
  • Hillcrest Student Expectations in Excellence: Like Joseph and Deborah, Hillcrest students will do their best in all circumstances, as working for God. “I do my best!


As God’s image bearers, we pursue integrity to reflect His holiness. We seek to demonstrate justice, honor, and character that is above reproach.
  • Hillcrest Student Expectations in Integrity: Like Daniel and Ruth, Hillcrest students will demonstrate respect, be true to their word, and will follow words through with godly actions. “I do what I say!”


As an international school community, we are blessed by God to be a blessing here and around the world. We use a U.S. curriculum and emphasize learning about our world through a biblical perspective.
  • Hillcrest International Student Expectations: Like Abraham and Esther, Hillcrest students will experience and learn about other people's cultures, will grow as friends, and will be open to serving around the world. “I learn how others live!

Servant Leadership

We emulate Christ by setting an example and demonstrating servant leadership.
  • Hillcrest Student Expectations in Servant Leadership: Like Moses and Abigail, Hillcrest students will show responsibility and leadership, being both humble and bold in their actions without being self-seeking. “I lead by serving others!