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The Admissions process at Hillcrest School for General and Ministry B Children is as follows:

  1. Parental Initial Interview. This is to assess a potential good fit for both parents and the school. An interview does not guarantee placement in Hillcrest. Often in December–January.
  2. Applications. Applications will be filled out by the parents and turned in to the Hillcrest Admissions Secretary. Following review of the application, the Admissions Secretary will provide payment details for the non-refundable application fee of N20,000 (which covers the application form, as well as admissions processing and testing materials). Applicants are also required to submit their international passport, passport pictures, their birth certificate, previous school transcripts and health form. The Admissions Secretary collects and files all application forms and conducts all routine correspondence. Often in December–January.
  3. Student Testing and Interview, Parent Interview with Superintendent. In February, Hillcrest will conduct student admissions testing and student interviews. Grade specific tests and criteria are addressed below. All children are tested irrespective of space in the target grade. If in July there is still availability in a target class level, but the applicant has not been tested, an applicant may seek permission to be tested at that time. 
  4. Admissions Results. By mid March, admissions results are announced and sent via email. Upon admission, the Admissions Secretary will give an applicant an acceptance packet. Once a student is accepted, the minimum non-refundable deposit of N300,000.00 (three hundred thousand naira) must be paid within a week in order for the applicant to be enrolled into Hillcrest School. 
  5. Orientation. New Parents’ Orientation is held two days before school begins. At this meeting, parents receive an orientation packet.

Admissions Process for Ministry A students follows the above, with the following modifications:

  • The application fee and parental interviews are waived for Ministry A families
  • Ministry A children from other educational systems may be admitted during the school year.