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Online Admissions Application

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General Admissions Information

Hillcrest is truly a wonderful place for the kids. Our daughter is adjusting so well in her new school, and they wonder what school she came from!

- a past teacher and parent

The Hillcrest School Mission is Educating global disciples of Christ. We are open to all parents who desire an American curriculum, Christian school setting for their child, and who meet our admissions requirements. 

Hillcrest has three categories of students.  They are:
General – All other children. 
Ministry-A - Children of cooperating bodies
Ministry-B - Children of affiliate status, sponsored by a cooperating body 

All children desiring to attend Hillcrest must go through an admissions process. Hillcrest accepts continuous enrollments at any time of the year. It is often easier to start at the beginning of the school year or before the beginning of the second semester. Continuous enrollments will be reviewed to ensure that we can meet the academic needs of the child.

Age Requirements:

  • To qualify for admission to Hillcrest Kindergarten, a student must be 5 years old before 1st October of the year in attendance. 
  • To qualify for admission into Grade 1 the child must be six years old before 1st October of the year of attendance. The same process is applied to the higher grades. We age-match students transferring from other schools.
Admissions into Hillcrest is contingent upon several criteria:
  1. Following the Admissions Procedure
  2. Applicant passing an entrance exam and interview
  3. Availability in the target class level
  4. Final acceptance by Hillcrest Board of Governors

Entrance test scores, previous school records and interviews will be used to determine the prospective student’s individual ability level. Student interviews with the appropriate grade level admissions committee will be used to make recommendations regarding admissions.