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Extra-curricular Sports Program

The purpose of extra-curricular sports is to provide an “outside-the-classroom” opportunity and environment that can be used to disciple and train our students. It also enables each student to improve his proficiency in selected sports, while at the same time developing character, sportsmanship and a positive social behavior that praises God.


In order for a student to participate in practices, rehearsals, performances, and athletic games, a student must have a C- average and no F’s during the last formal marking at either the end of the nine week marking period or at the four and a half week progress report period.

Intramural Program

The purpose of this program is to enable all interested students (in 5th - 8th grade) to participate in sports including flag football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, softball, table tennis, golf, track and field, along with any other sports the students may desire. The atmosphere in the intramural program is less competitive and participation is stressed. Our desire is to help students develop good social skills as well as have the opportunity for additional participation in sports activities outside the Physical Education curriculum.

High School Interscholastic Sports

The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for more intensive discipline, training and character development of our students. It also provides an opportunity for more skilled athletes to be involved in higher and more intense levels of athletic competition. Students must “try-out” for these teams. They will then compete against local schools and club teams.

Athletic Awards

These are given at the end of the year to deserving students (grade 6 to 12) to recognize sportsmanship, discipline and athletic skills, and to encourage participation in sports. There are 4 basic awards - Junior Letter, Senior Letter, pin and bar. The award is given for faithfulness in attending practice, effort and discipline, development of skills and amount of time played.