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The High School is in a separate building with the school Library and is supervised by the High School Principal.

The High School curriculum is based on a two semester year with two quarters per semester. Each semester, students are required to take six solids including Bible. The school day is divided into eight periods with a lunch break.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college / university courses that are offered at the High School level by Hillcrest School. Hillcrest students who take AP courses have an added advantage in applying for admission into most US and other international universities. 

Hillcrest students who get a score of 3 and above on a scale of 5 could get credit and be exempted from taking a first year course in the discipline, depending on the university. An AP diploma can also qualify a student for scholarships in some universities. Wherever there is strong competition, having taken some AP courses, the student will be in a good position for admission.

High School Activities

Most students are involved in the extra-curricular sports, drama and music activities. There are a variety of activities that specific classes organize:

  • Carnival
    The sophomore class organizes a two-event carnival. The Carnival Dinner is held in October and the Carnival itself, held in February or March. Games, movies, and other activities are provided in order to entertain the public and raise money for the class. The class sponsors are responsible for the necessary arrangements and must approve the planned activities.

  • Craft Sale
    In late November or early December, the junior class hosts a fundraising event which is open to the public. Students sell hand-made crafts and community craftspeople may rent tables to sell their own handmade crafts. The class sponsors and other interested staff members are responsible for overseeing the event.

  • Senior Class Play
    The senior class presents a drama in November. All seniors are encouraged to participate in whatever way best uses their abilities and talents, whether it is backstage assistance, acting, assistant directing, make-up, or costumes.

  • Spring Musical
    In April the high school usually presents a musical with participation from all the classes.

  • Junior-Senior Banquet
    This banquet is usually held late in April or in May. The seniors are guests of the juniors, who make the arrangements, decorate, and provide the entertainment. The junior class sponsors are responsible for arrangements. The junior and senior class sponsors and the administration are invited as guests. Juniors are usually expected to pay their own way, but other costs are paid from their class funds.

  • Senior Trip
    The senior class has a weekend get-away in the spring semester. The trip and all arrangements are planned by the class members under the guidance of the class sponsors, subject to the approval of the administration. The class sponsors must accompany the seniors and are responsible for all activities. Others may be invited to accompany the class as chaperones, subject to approval from the administration.