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A.  Academics

Awards for academic effort and achievement are given to help develop a positive attitude toward academic achievement and excellence, to encourage serious effort, and to honor those who have done exceptionally well.  These awards are given at the awards' assembly at the end of the school year.

  • Class academic award - The member of each of the 4 high school classes who has the highest grade point average over the first 3 nine weeks of the school year is selected by the high school staff.
  • Subject awards - Teachers of various subject areas (math, science, language arts, French, commercial, social studies, art, P.E., Music) may nominate a graduating senior student for a subject award.  The nominee should be a person who has taken several courses in that field, has displayed excellence in that area, and has developed an interest in that subject that is evident outside the class.
  • Elementary School - Grade 5 teachers select the top 6 students academically, based on the entire year's grades and work.  Teachers must maintain an on-going record based on grades so as to make this selection prior to the final report card being marked.
  • Valedictorian/Hillcrest scholars - Valedictorian honors are awarded to the senior with the highest cumulative GPA provided he/she has attended Hillcrest for the entire senior year and at least three semesters prior to that, and they are in good standing in the school. Those seniors whose Hillcrest GPA is 3.6 /4.0 or higher will be named as Hillcrest Scholars.

B.  Service and Character

Each staff member is encouraged to nominate candidates.  The student is selected by the staff in a regular staff meeting by the process of discussion and secret ballot.

Elementary School Christian Character - each teacher will select one girl and one boy from their class for Christian Character awards.  The selections are made based on the Core Values.

Service - Students who volunteer their service on a regular basis for the year are awarded certificates.

Citizenship - The Citizenship award is given by the middle school and high school staff based on the following characteristics:

  • personally shows and encourages good behavior,
  • willingly takes on extra tasks when asked,
  • willingly does and encourages activities which help other students and staff members,
  • shows a positive Christian attitude.