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The Elementary School is located in two buildings on the north end of the campus near the chapel, surrounded by the adventure playground, tetherball and four square areas, a primary soccer pitch and the central sports courts.

Hillcrest students come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, along with unique academic.achievements.  We focus on loving, patient Christ-centered teaching, understanding and positive encouragement in our student-centered instruction.

Hillcrest Elementary School seeks to provide a well-rounded education for all children from Kindergarten to Grade 5.  Class size is limited to 24 (22 in Kindergarten and Grade 1).  

As a Christian school we deliberately seek to develop the child spiritually. Each school day begins with devotions and ends with prayer.  There are daily Bible lessons. The school follows an American curriculum which is taught from a Biblical perspective. The Christian faith is integrated meaningfully throughout the entire curriculum, and is the foundation of our approach to discipline and classroom management.  

Reading is taught with a balanced approach using phonics, word recognition, and literature.  Reading time decreases after Grade 3, while English Grammar, Writing, and Mathematics times increase. Basic computational skills, number theory, and elementary geometry are taught from Kindergarten, with such areas continuing to be developed through Grade 5. Of greatest importance in Mathematics is the understanding of concepts and development of number sense. Access to the school library begins in Kindergarten. Computer skills are taught in Grades K-5. In all subjects teachers show how God is ruler over all and His Word has implications for every subject as they begin to understand how to follow God and walk in His Spirit.

The ES GROW program is part of the campus-wide Educational Support Services, for testing and helping children with learning challenges. This is a program for children who have a minor learning exceptionality. A child may receive accommodations in his or her normal classroom, or assistance from an Educational Assistant either in-class or in a special session. 

There is a Hot Lunch program provided by the Pineview Hostel each week throughout the school year, servicing students and teachers in Kindergarten through Grade 5.

Enriching our school life together, Elementary School annual activities include such things as: birthday parties, intramural sports, field trips, mixed-age “teams”, Independence Day, Creative Arts and Science Fair, Grandparents Chapel, Christmas and May Concerts and Art Shows, Christmas service projects, Multicultural Day, Field Day, Spelling Bee, and more!